Meet Me

zim speaks

Hello! I am so glad  to meet you. I am Zim Simon.

I hold a bachelors degree in Building Technology from the prestigious Federal University of Technology.

I have a unique calling to help individuals, organizations and groups to see farther than they look by setting up prove systems and strategies that work.

 zim simon

I am a multi-faceted being and I have chosen to accept that fact. I am a writer, an inspirational and public speaker, a thought leader and brand strategist.

As a Writer: I wield literary pieces to lead readers on path of self-realization and actualization with a goal to make them exceptional leaders in whatever endeavors they find themselves. It has been such a remarkable journey for me and I look forward to inspiring you via this platform.

As an Inspirational and Public Speaker: I believe in the power of words and its capacity to affect the hearer positively or negatively. I have spoken on various platforms to different audiences across the following subject;

  1. Leadership.
  2. Wealth Creation.
  3. Purpose and Vision.
  4. Building Profitable Systems and More.

As a Thought Leader and Brand Strategist: I help individuals and organizations who have experiences, gifting, expertise or knowledge in subject areas to define clearly what their focus should be, communicate their ideologies using formidable platforms and to earn profitably by setting up processes and systems.

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Hobbies: I am a graphics designer and I have worked with prestigious organizations and companies on logo creation, campaign development and event branding. I love books and I read as much as I can.

I am glad you are here.