​Re – Chanel The Pain

John grew up in a very hostile environment. His mother disliked the mere sight of John. She called him all manner of names. 

“You are a foolish, clumsy and stupid boy. You’d end up just like your father did…A nobody.”
Every word that came at John clawed at his self esteem and self worth. He became withdrawn, shy, hopeless and depressed.
He told me one time that his mother once beat him up *MESSI – lessly* just because he has a striking physical resemblance to his dad. 
Yes! John’s father left him, his two little sisters and his mother when he was just a little boy. The trauma that followed was devastating for everyone especially for his mother.
He was constantly in pain. He was angry at everyone. He was even angry at God for making go through this much humiliation from his own mother. He contemplated suicide one time.
Maybe you can relate to this sad story or you know someone who can relate to it. 
Now listen! Stop trying to deal with the pain or anger you may be feeling because of the situation you may find yourself in cause you can’t because you can’t undo what has already been done to you. 
Instead use this pain as fuel to be all your naysayers said you couldn’t be or do and more. 
Re – Chanel your pain…don’t waste it on depression, bad habits, or sucide cause that will just confirm what the naysayers told you. 
You’d let them WIN…If you do any of the above.
Prove them wrong. Revenge with success. 
Remember this; failure is an orphan but success has many fathers.
Having read up till this point…kindly add a jot to humanity by sharing this post with someone.
Do have a beautiful week ahead. Just SUCCEED.


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