I love sharing stories with you. Especially personal stories because I believe in the power of stories. It has never failed and it never will.

This event happened a long time ago, when I was still in my early teens.


“Zim!”, my mother called out to me from the kitchen. He shrill small voice broke the calm in the room.

I got up from where I was to go answer this unexpected call. When I got to the kitchen she stood with her hands akimbo and her nose flaring.

” Why did you collect the meat in the pot of soup?” She asked me angrily.

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say cause it didn’t matter. This was an outright accusation not an investigation. She was so sure that I was the one who took…scrap that…who STOLE the meet from her pot of soup.

Before I could clear myself, something fell on my face. I went blank for some minutes. I saw stars for the first time in a long time. Followed by that slap was another slap before my dreaded friend the KOBOKO was brought into action.

Was my mother right in her accusations? No she wasn’t. I didn’t take the meat from the pot that day. Till today we don’t know who did and till today she still thinks I am the one.


Why did my mother believe that I was the only one capable of committing such an act? Simple! she had a perception about me. In fact I had branded my self a petty thief and chronic liar before her.

Branding is all about perception.

Her accusations were based on an impression I had created by my previous actions. Prior to this time, I would steal her money, lie about it and use it to satisfy my addictions.

It didn’t matter if I took the meat or not. It didn’t matter if I had turned a new leaf. What mattered was the impression and perception I had created.

It takes only 8 seconds to create a compelling or devastating first impression when you first meet a person or potential client.

People send me a lot of friend request on Facebook but I don’t always accept all. Why? If I am not impressed by profile photo, cover photo, the quality of your content, short brand and long brand statements, I just don’t accept.

These five things above and more is what determines if you’ll get visible, grow your influence and profit from your exploits on social media.

I have packaged a fantastic online course that will show you how to leverage on social media for influence and wealth. This course is set to launch on 5th June. Keep your fingers crossed.

Are you interested? Type YES in the comment session.

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I love and appreciate you.

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