Call me ‘Crazy’, I don’t care. I am addicted to great movies.

One of my pet habits and hnobbies is seeing great movies. Movies that have deep lessons embedded within them. Movies I can relate and connect with on a personal level.

Some ‘special’ folks actually believe it is abnormal to see a movie or anything thing of sorts especially if you are a workaholic. That’s a wrong pattern of thinking. Most times you need to cool off and relax your nerve or you won’t live long to finish that work.

Whatever works for you, a drink with friends, going to see a movie, watching a comedy, reading a novel or discussing about trends and happenings around you. Delve into it once in a while to relax your nerves.

Okay…one of my mentor introduced me to this great movie, ‘Designated Survivor’. During my free time today I started biting off pieces by off this delicious delicacy that was set before me.

Below is a brief plot for you.

As a lower – level cabinet member, Tom Kirkman never imagined something would happen that would catapult him to the oval office. When a devastating attack on the night of the State of the Union address claims the lives of the president and most of the Cabinet, the Housing and Urban Development secretary — who was named the designated survivor in case of such an event — finds himself promoted to leader of the free world. Suddenly thrust into his new position of power, Kirkman struggles to keep the country from dissolving into chaos and must adjust to his new normal, unaware of what fresh horrors may await the United States.

It’s a movie that centers on the core principles of leadership especially during a crises.

I recommend this movie to you. Sup with it and tell me your experiences.

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