“Children from broken homes, amount to nothing in life.”
The cliché above would only stand if you let it define you. 

The above cliché was fed into my subconscious while growing up. While walking on the road I would hear it. At school I would hear it. At home too, those same words haunted me. 

It’s funny how words can shape the sphere of our lives unconsciously. 

I come from a broken home, raised by a single parent whom I am very proud of and I know the intricacies of how these things work. My Dad left us at a very young age.

One of the feeling and thinking I had to battle with was GUILT. Guilt that I was the reason my Dad had to leave the house. If you are in my shoes you’d understand this feeling. 

This guilt drove me into the gutters of life. I became an addict to gambling, pornography and the sort. 

Guilt is deadly, I battled with it for a long time until I began to understand that in life I am responsible for my actions and not that of my parents. 

They where the ones who choose to get married. I didn’t force them into making the decision. They did of their own free will. 

You can’t blame yourself for the decisions of others. You have your life to live and your own decisions to make. 

Everyday I make a decision as regards the kind of man, father, husband, friend, son and associate I want to become. 

The big question…Are you making the right decisions based on the circumstances you are going through or are you allowing the circumstance to blur your vision and define you. 

I believe this piece has blessed you. Add value to someone by SHARING this post. 

I love and appreciate you.


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