The Reason To Start Something Now!


Wow…I am so excited. Why? cause after so many year of desiring to pen down my thoughts on a blog, I finally get to do that today on my own personal blog.

Just like I started this blog, you too can start something now. You can start writing that book now. Whatever it is you want to achieve don’t just sit back and dream about it, start.

The reason why you must start now is because YOU CAN. Yes I said it because I know this to be true. A lot of times what keeps us from starting is because we think that we are incapable or inadequate.

“Who am I to write a book?”

“I don’t think anyone will want what I have.”

Thoughts like this and many more can keep you from achieving your goals and dreams. The quality of your thoughts will either propel or limit you.

Our connected world makes it possible for people to actualize their dreams, ideas and initiative in ways our fore fathers could not even dream of.

  1. Whatever you want to know is accessible instantly. The internet has changed everything. With just a click on Google, you have all the answers you want on whatever project you want to embark on. Want to write a book but don’t know how, want to learn how to grow your business, want to find someone to build a mobile phone app for you in another continent, want to retrain…? No problem. It’s all at your fingertips.
  2. Need to locate expert help? Then connect with people who can help you. The greatest form of humility is the ability to ask for help from the right person. The soaring development of social web has demolished barriers between you and the expertise you need. It empowers you to ask friends of friends (and friends of friends of friends) if they can offer advice, make introductions, share experiences.
  3. Tribe Up. Whatever it is you want to start doing there are people somewhere in the world who share your passions. Tribe up with such people by sharing what you are up to. Remember, birds of the same feather flocks together.
  4. The “barriers to entry” have collapsed. The cost of setting up many businesses or even non-business projects has collapsed. Most digital start-ups don’t even need an office but work from shared spaces.
  5. You’re already at the center of the universe. The world is now a global village, maximize the opportunity and start something now.

The greatest form of humility is the ability to ask for help from the right person.


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